Paula Patton Tweets Apology To Fans For Two Year Twitter Hiatus

After two very long years, Warcraft star Paula Patton has finally returned to social media!

The last time the actress posted on her Twitter account was back in April 2014. She posted an adorable photo of her and her son celebrating his birthday at Dodger’s Stadium. However, there has been complete radio silence since then.

So, how did she make her triumphant return to social media? With a sweet apology to her fans for her long hiatus.

“Please forgive my long absence!” she tweeted. “Feeling so grateful for every second of this life. If any of you are still out there, thank you & I’m sorry!”

Oh, all your fans are definitely still out there Paula, and we’re glad to see you’re back.

The two-year hiatus came shortly after Patton decided to split from her ex-husband, Robin Thicke. The two filed for divorce in February 2014, but it wasn’t finalized until April 2015. The two had been married for nine years.

In a recent interview, Patton said that she is open to finding a new love, so perhaps that’s what inspired her return to social media. Either way, everyone is happy to see her return, and we look forward to seeing what she has to say now that she’s back on Twitter.


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