Official Goosebumps Masks Available For Pre-Order, Coming This Halloween

Few things were more sought after in the '90s than Goosebumps books, the series of horror stories for kids written by R.L. Stine. From monsters to ghosts to slime, the series covered virtually every spooky subject you could think of and their neon art covers stuck in your nightmares as strongly as the stories themselves. Thanks to Trick or Treat Studios, you can now order something that you would've killed for as a kid, or something that could've turned you into a killer.

Whether you preferred the books or the TV series, one of the most memorable Goosebumps stories was easily "The Haunted Mask," which featured a girl buying a mask late on Halloween that began to take over her actions. The more she put on the mask, the harder it was to take off, making kids everywhere be nervous about what they dressed as for Halloween.

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Available now for pre-order, Trick or Treat Studios have replicated the mask impeccably, based on the mask's design from the TV show. Just in case you were more of a fan of Slappy, the haunted ventriloquist dummy that starred in a slew of stories, the mask making company will also be releasing a Slappy mask.

Head on over to Trick or Treat Studios to order your mask now, with shipping expected to take place between August and September.

These look awesome and will definitely make for a cool collectible or the perfect way to complete a costume that pays homage to the beloved series. What other Goosebumps characters should get their own masks? Let us know in the comments!


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