New Surveillance Video Shows Victim Of 'Horrific Murder' With Accused Murderer

15-year-old Mathew Borges was arrested and charged with the murder of 16-year-old Lee Manuel Viloria-Paulino over the weekend, and a new video documenting the evening of Viloria-Paulino's shows the pair together.

Mathew was arrested on Saturday after having confessed to the crime, saying he "did something bad" to his classmate, but the confession was not given to the police themselves. A report of the confession to a witness reads that Mathew “stabbed a kid and cut his head off…motioning with his hands as if he was stabbing someone and cutting someone’s head off.”

Lee left his home on the night of November 18 and wasn't seen again until his body was discovered on Thursday, December 1, by a woman walking her dog. The victim's head was found 50 feet away from the body.

A surveillance video shows Lee leaving his home the night of his disappearance, and Mathew can also be seen in the video with Lee. The motive for the murder remains unclear, as does where the duo went after walking out of frame.

Mathew has entered a plea of not guilty to his single murder charge.


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