Hollywood's Most Profitable Actor Will Shock You

The most profitable actor in Hollywood over the past three decades hasn't starred in a movie since 2010. It's not Brad Pitt or George Clooney or even Harrison Ford. It is... Emilio Estevez?

According to PartyCasino data provided to Variety this week, Estevez is the most profitable top-billed male star who has made at least 10 movies from 1980 to 2017. For every $1 spent on his movies, they generated $6.70. That's not hard to believe when you realize that hits like The Breakfast Club or The Mighty Ducks didn't cost an arm and a leg to make.

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Jean-Claude Van Damme came in second, since his films earned $4.20 for every $1 they cost to make. Mel Gibson ($3.50), Tyler Perry ($3) and — incredibly — the late comedian Dudley Moore ($3) rounded out the top five.

However, with costly disasters on their resumes, Brad Pitt (just 10 cents), Johnny Depp (20 cents), Robert De Niro (24 cents), Hugh Jackman (25 cents) and Anthony Hopkins (26 cents) were the least profitable actors.

PartyCasino did look at the results for actresses, surprisingly discovering that Rose Byrne is the most profitable actress. For every $1 spend on her films, they generated $9.80. Regina Hall came in second with $3.50 and Octavia Spencer followed with $2.90.

A rep for PartyCasino told the New York Post they didn't have more stats on how profitable actresses are because "women, unfortunately, are less likely to be the top-billed actor for a movie."

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Considering that they aren't too expensive, mysteries are the most-profitable genre, generating $39.89 for each dollar. Horror movies came in second with $34.13. The least profitable genre is action movies, which generate $1.89 per budgeted dollar.

Estevez, the son of Martin Sheen and Charlie Sheen's brother, hasn't starred in a live-action movie since 2010's The Way and has focused on directing in recent years. His latest film is The Public with Jena Malone.


Photo credit: Getty Images / Joe Thomas