More Details Come Out About Robin Thicke's Relationship With His Father

After the passing of his father, Alan Thicke, singer Robin Thicke has become the rock of the Thicke family. As the family mourns the loss of their patriarch, Robin has stepped up and taken the reigns in preparing a memorial service. He is staying strong so others can grieve.

Robin is one of Alan’s three sons. The oldest, Brandon, 41, and youngest, Carter, 19, are still rather shaken at the loss of their father. Carter is especially taken aback given that he was playing hockey with his father when he first collapsed.

“[Robin has] been a rock for the family,” said a source. “Carter is obviously still very dazed and so is their other brother. Robin is the on taking the lead and organizing everything with Alan’s Wife, Tanya.

alan thicke and Robin thicke
(Photo: Facebook)

As of today, Robin and Tanya are putting together a private memorial service for the late actor. Robin is also spearheading a memorial fund in support of finding a cure for juvenile diabetes. This way the family can help raise funds for a cause that was close to Alan’s heart.

“He’s been spearheading all of this and remained strong and is keeping the focus to help the family plow through this,” said the source.

Robin is the son of Alan and his ex-wife Gloria Loring. The “Blurred Lines” singer mentioned in the Los Angeles Times that he considered his father to be “the best man he ever knew,” and was fortunate enough to have seen his father a few days before he passed.

“I saw him a few days go and told him how much I loved and respected him,” Robin told the paper.

Alan Thicke passed away at the age of 69 from a heart attack. He will be forever missed by his family, friends, and fans.


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