Matthew McConaughey Says The Role Of Kenny Wells In Gold Is His Favorite Role

Over the years Matthew McConaughey has portrayed a variety of different characters. From adventurers to astronauts, to Wall Street bosses, he’s done almost everything you can think of. What’s more, he has committed to his roles so much that he has severely changed his appearance for the roles. Well, turns out, he has finally found his favorite role.

McConaughey’s latest movie, Gold is about a man who takes a journey to Indonesia to find gold, as well as other treasures and riches. His role in this film is best described as a combination of his characters from The Treasure of The Sierra Madre, and The Wolf of Wall Street, in that his character goes on an adventure to get rich fast.

matthew mcconaughey Gold
(Photo: IMDB)

“That is my favorite character that I’ve ever done,” McConaughey says during his interview with Pete Hammond on The Actor’s Side. “Kenny Wells, hands down my favorite.”

As it turns out, this particular part reminds McConaughey of his father and all of the people that he would introduce him to as a child. McConaughey’s father loved to get a good deal. The people that he relates this character to are the types of people who are always trying to scheme their way into making it rich, getting the right deal, and heading to the big times.

Watch the interview for more information about McConaughey’s character in Gold, or catch the film during its limited release in January 2017. But if you want more McConaughey sooner rather than later, he will also be starring in Sing, which comes out on December 21.


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