Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Divorce Rumors Are 'Bulls**t,' 'Very Good' Source Says

With all the Kim Kardashian and Kanye West divorce rumblings circulating in the media, one source close to the celebrity couple has come in to vehemently deny the claims saying the rumors are "bullsh*t."

An insider dished on the "Fade" rapper and his Keeping Up With the Kardashians star wife while chatting with E! News, and explained that Kanye is going to be OK in light of his recent emotional breakdown. The source also revealed that the 39-year-old musician's marriage with Kim is solid.

"Kanye is going to be fine. And he and Kim are strong," the insider said. "Just because the paparazzi don't see him, they're like, 'Oh, Kanye's not with Kim anymore.' That's bulls--t."

On Thursday, Kanye made his first public appearance since being hospitalized. He rocked a new blond hairdo while attending a preview exhibition of Rick Owens: Furniture line held at the MOCA Pacific Design Center in West Hollywood.

Kanye is now receiving outpatient therapy to continue on the road to recovery.

"[Kanye] will remain getting outpatient treatment until he is fully recovered," a different source close to Kanye said. "Kim wants him to continue getting therapy even after all of this. He has support from so many people."

Kardashian family friend, Jonathan Cheban, echoed the sentiment of the insiders that have said Kim and Kanye have no plans for divorce.

Cheban said: "They're in good spirits. I don't want to talk much about them because it's not my business but I do have to say that the divorcing is kind of hysterical, that I will mention, because I just spoke to both of them on FaceTime literally before I was coming here and when I heard that I literally burst out laughing."

Despite the aforementioned source's claims that Kim and Kanye are going strong, another insider recently revealed that Kanye's friends are warning him about finding an exit from his marriage to Kim.

“People around him are like, ‘He needs to get away from those crazy people.’ It’s a curse over there," a source said while talking to InTouch. "Anything with the Kardashians is tarnished and… They’re opportunistic people who completely take advantage of him.”

What are your thoughts about the Kim and Kanye divorce rumors?


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