Kanye West's Donald Trump Visit Has Added A New Layer Of Stress To His Marriage With Kim Kardashian, Source Says

Kanye West had everyone scratching their heads on Tuesday morning when he made an appearance in Manhattan for a meeting with Donald J. Trump. The highly publicized event was the latest incident in a string of stressful situations that has caused strain in Kanye's marriage to Kim Kardashian.

A source close to Kim and Kanye revealed that even though the event was a source of discord, they have much more important issues to deal with at the moment than their political differences.

“That’s so far down the list of what they’re dealing with at this point,” the source said. “Lots of couples have political differences; that’s not a deal breaker. They’re dealing with much more important things than who each of them supported for President.”

The insider also said that Kim “currently has no imminent plans to file for divorce.”

The couple's main focus now is on Kanye's recovery. The 39-year-old musician was recently released from the hospital where he spent over a week. The incident happened less than two months after Kim Kardashian was robbed at gunpoint in Paris.

With such big issues to tackle, the stress has taken its toll on Kim and Kanye's relationship.

"Kim needed him after the robbery," the source said while talking with People magazine. “She needed her husband. But that was the beginning of his issues, so he wasn’t there for her like he probably should have been. So Kim was trying to be supportive of him, but she needed his support at that time.”

“She had to be the stronger one,” the source said. “She was going through a lot. And you know that the Kardashians are very close and very supportive of each other, and they got her through it, but there are times where a wife needs her husband.”

Despite all of these concerning stressors on their relationship, friends have been encouraging Kim and Kanye to "hold on" to their marriage.

“We’re telling them to hold on, to get through this,” the source said. “They both need to understand that adversity is what will make them stronger as a couple.”

"If they can get through this season, they will create an unbreakable bond," the source said. "If anyone can do it, they can."

Do you think Kim Kardashian and Kanye West will be able to hang on to their marriage?

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