Johnny Depp Loses It On Amber Heard In Newly Released Video

(Video: TMZ)

Warning: Explicit language...

Yet another celebrity "secret recording" has leaked, and this time it details Johnny Depp losing his mind and going nuts on Amber Heard.

The video shows Depp kicking and slamming cabinets and screaming at the top of his lungs. He's also seen asking Heard, "have you done anything?" He then proceeds to pour a massive glass of wine, grab the camera and then throw it on the ground.  

According to TMZ, the video is heavily edited and has parts removed that supposedly detail her adding fuel to the fire and getting him riled up. The video also reportedly took place months before Depp and Heard's massive falling out.

Regardless of if this video was edited and if this situation was teed up, this is no way for any functional relationship to work. Hopefully Depp and Heard will work out their issues, separate and move on in a positive manner.