Jingle All The Way: Real Turbo Man Action Figures Coming Soon

It's Turbo Time!

If you're a fan of the obnoxiously-wonderful Christmas movie Jingle All The Way, you're going to need to sit down. It has just been revealed that the Turbo Man toys from the film - the ones Arnold was trying so desperately to buy for Anakin Skywalker - are going to soon be availble for purchase.

(Photo: 20th Century Fox)

This past week, a Kickstarter was launched to put the action figures into production. The creator of the project was given a 3D model of the Turboman figure from the original film, and he has used that to create a fully-functioning action figure.

In the video on the Kickstarter, the creator briefly shows the prop-clone, and then a line of the toys from the movie's characters. The toys include Turbo Man, Dementor (no, not from Harry Potter), and Booster. The only problem is, NOBODY WANTS BOOSTER!

The project set a goal of $13,000 to start production on the toys - This goal was quickly obliterated. At the time of writing this article, the fundraiser still had 23 days left, but was already over $15,000 in pledged funds.

Unfortunately, the $130 pledge reward of a Turbo Man figure is no longer available. Folks swooped in on that one and it's been sold out. However, the fundraiser states that the toys should be availbe sometime in May 2017.


To check out some more information regarding the project, or to donate to the fundraiser, head on over to kickstarter.com.