Ghost Adventures Star Purchases Michael Jackson's Propofol Chair For Haunted Museum

Zak Bagans, star of the ghost investigation reality show Ghost Adventures, has been amassing a huge collection of macabre memorabilia. The latest addition to his collection is a chair that formerly belonged to Michael Jackson that is closely linked to the King of Pop's death.

The ghost investigator purchased the seemingly innocuous chair from the Michael Jackson estate for $15,000, a small price to pay for its history. The chair in question might not have been Jackson's final resting place, but supposedly it's the chair he'd spend time in when his doctor would inject him with propofol. The combination of propofol and benzodiazepine is what caused the legendary musician's death.

The purpose of the chair is to go into a new museum that Bagans is creating in Las Vegas, which also includes Dr. Kevorkian's van and a cauldron formerly belonging to Ed Gein that was supposedly used to cook body parts of the serial killer's victims.

The location of the museum itself is also rumored to be haunted, with instances of the construction crew getting so creeped out during building it that they fled the scene.