Cop Greets Pizza Delivery Woman Naked, Gets Suspended

What is the world coming to these days? Seriously? Is it really THAT hard to put on some clothes? This New Mexico city police officer didn't think so.

According to Las Cruces Sun-News, a 28-year-old New Mexico city police officer named William Gonzalez has been cited for indecent exposure. He has been suspended for greeting a pizza delivery woman completely in the nude. That is correct, in the nude!

Gonzalez, a five-year veteran of the force, was “immediately” placed on administrative leave at the beginning of last month after the woman reported the incident to her supervisor.

Gonzalez allegedly pleaded with another officer to persuade the woman not to file a police report. Good going there, slick.
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LCPD Chief Jaime Montoya made a public statement regarding the incident:

It is truly sad that an employee knowing right from wrong still does wrong against all reasonIt is also sad that an employee will put a fellow employee in a tough position of having to inform a supervisor of misconduct.

According to the report, the woman stated that Gonzalez said he had just gotten out of the shower, but she noticed his hair was dry and he didn’t have a towel. After he signed the receipt, she said, he went back inside the home to get her a tip and returned to the front door with cash... but still naked.

The officer who filed the report said Gonzalez also had “threatened” to expose himself to the same woman months earlier when, according to the report, he came to the door wearing only basketball shorts and told her his friends had dared him to answer the door naked.

Gonzalez's attorney made a statement that he has pleaded not guilty to the citation.


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