CEO Threatens To Kill President-Elect Trump, Gets Death Threats In Return And Resigns

CEO of a cyber-security company in San Diego, Matt Harrigan, has resigned after a series of alcohol-induced social media posts that caused him to receive death threats.

Feeling outraged at the results of the recent presidential election, Harrigan headed to Facebook to post "I'm going to kill the president. Elect." After receiving a positive response from his friends, Harrigan continued this train of thought by detailing exactly how he'd carry out the murder, and even challenged the Secret Service in subsequent posts.

Under the attitude of the whole experience being a joke, friends of Harrigan started spreading his words far and wide, resulting in Harrigan receiving threats of violence in return. Fearing for the safety of his life and the lives of his family, Harrigan temporarily left his home until the severity of threats calmed down.

In a recent interview, Harrigan admits he feels stupid for posting his comments publicly after having a few drinks on election night. The former CEO claims he's learned that "there's no such thing as a joke" on social media and is cooperating with the Secret Service.

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