Bill Cosby Seeks Plea Deal To Avoid Prison Time For Sexual Assault

79-year-old former comedian and actor Bill Cosby has been accused by more than 50 women for sexual assault. In June, Cosby will face a criminal trial for felony aggravated indecent assault, and being alerted to a decade-old testimony being used against him in the criminal trial, he is seeking a plea deal because, in his words, "I have no chance."

The testimony in question includes Cosby's admission to giving young women drugs and alcohol before sex.

According to a source close to the family, "He and his family, including his wife, Camille, are adamant that Bill won’t be able to convince a jury to let him off."

His age is also a factor in this plea deal decision, with the family source saying, "Cosby and his family believe he’ll be eligible for a sentence of just probation — and remove the threat of him dying in prison."

Cosby's defense team claims the testimony from 2004 shouldn't be admissible because, at the time, he was promised he wouldn't face criminal charges. However, he was never granted immunity for the testimony and no written documents exist proving he wouldn't face criminal charges.

In 2006, Cosby admitted to having sexual encounters with young women but was adamant that those encounters were consensual. Many women denied Cosby's allegations, saying they were drugged and molested. He also described getting prescriptions for quaaludes in the '70s to hand out to women, comparing the strong narcotics to offering someone a drink to relax.


Prosecutors hope to call 13 additional women to the stand to share their stories, with some of Cosby's alleged sexual assaults going back to the '60s.

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