Big Bang Theory: Christopher Lloyd's Character Revealed

Last night, Back to the Future star Christopher Lloyd made his debut on The Big Bang Theory. Producers kept mum as to who he would play, leading fans to speculate that he might have a connection to one of the show's other characters.

It turns out that Lloyd's character Theodore was a complete unknown....literally. After Leonard and Sheldon got into a fight over their shared belongings, Sheldon decided to escalate things by renting out his bedroom to Theodore, an elderly man he apparently met on the streets. Sheldon had rights to the room through the end of the month, so he decided to get back at Leonard by leasing it out to a complete stranger for just a dollar a day.

lloyd bbt
(Photo: CBS)

Although Theodore was a bit strange, he did help to resolve things between Leonard and Sheldon. After Leonard confronting Sheldon for taking things too far, Theodore pointed out that Sheldon might be lashing out because he was upset he was moving away from Leonard. Sheldon and Leonard admitted they missed each other and quickly patched things up.

Although their fight was over, Theodore stuck around long enough at the end of the episode to offer interior design suggestions as to where Penny should put a hideous painting of herself and Amy.

Sadly, it appears that Theodore won't be sticking around the apartment. Reports indicate that Lloyd only signed up to make an appearance on one episode.