Amanda Bynes Seen For The First Time In Five Months

Amanda Bynes has finally made an appearance, her first in at least five months. The former Nickelodeon actress was seen out and about with her life coach, Joy Stevens. The two were seen getting lunch in West Hollywood, the same thing they were seen doing the last time Bynes was seen out back in July.

Bynes has had her fair share of troubles over the last few years. The 30-year-old actress was placed on psychiatric hold in both 2013 and 2014. She was also arrested in 2013 for reckless endangerment, tampering with evidence, and criminal possession of marijuana. So, with her track record, it makes sense that she would want to stay out of the spotlight.

But it seems that every once in a while, Bynes will take some time to lunch with her life coach – out where she will be seen by the paparazzi, of course. This time it looks like Bynes has done away with her long platinum hair, and decided to look a bit more put together with shorter, brown hair. Of course, she has chosen to keep hiding her face behind a pair of big sunglasses. Daily Mail has the latest photos.

The actress hasn’t starred in anything since 2010, when she worked alongside Emma Stone in Easy A. Before that, Bynes worked on the 2007 movie version of Hairspray with Zac Efron. With everything that has been going on in her life, who knows if she is planning a return to the screen.

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[H/T Daily Mail]


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