A Texas Pastor Films Himself Telling Children In Line 'There Is No Such Thing As Santa Claus'

A pastor in Texas felt he needed to practice what he preached when it comes to "Putting Christ Back in Christmas," so he headed to his local mall to share his beliefs with unwilling families in line.

The pastor walked up and down the line of a Santa Claus meet and greet in Amarillo, TX proclaiming that Santa wasn't real, that the holiday was about Jesus Christ, and defends himself by saying he just wants to share truth with people.

A few parents approached him as peacefully as possible to ask him to leave, expressing that they'd be the ones to have discussions about religion with their children, and the pastor said he was just there to help. By his logic, all of the parents were sinners for allowing their children to believe in Santa.

Listen, buddy, you can stop believing in Santa Claus all you want, but you are definitely going to get a piece of coal for Christmas.

[H/T World Star Hip Hop]