Kurt Sutter Speaks Out On Leonard Cohen's Death

If this week hadn't been hard enough, it just got worse. Music legend Leonard Cohen has passed away. Known for his hit "Hallelujah," his songs inspired people across all walks of life, including writer and showrunner, Kurt Sutter.

While many people have posted their sentiments on social media for the music legend, one of the most touching comes from Sons of Anarchy creator.

"One of my poetic heroes passed today," Sutter tweeted. "One of the greatest songwriters of our time."

With everything that has happened during the last week, even the last year, losing a hero in any sense can be particularly difficult. At least Cohen's music will always be there to inspire.

"Fuck," Sutter's tweet continued. "It's been a rough week."


The music world has lost too many greats in 2016 – it's been a rough year. Here's to hoping 2017 will be better.