Bruce Springsteen Signs Fifth-Grader's School Absent Letter

There are a lot of reasons to miss school, but the best excuse might just be to meet rock star Bruce Springsteen. One Philadelphia fifth-grader did just that. The best part, though, is that he got Springsteen to sign his absence letter.

Michael Fenerty is a fifth-grader who got the chance to meet Bruce Springsteen at a book signing in Philadelphia. The problem was that he'd miss school if he went. Michael's father, who is a huge Springsteen fan, thought that it would be better for Michael if he got to meet The Boss.

(Photo: Today)

"I asked him, what's the protocol if I keep you home tomorrow?" Michael's father asked his son. "He said, you need to call the school and send in a signed note. He looked at me and said, 'We should get Bruce Springsteen to sign the note!' We both laughed and then we thought, 'Let's try it.'"

Springsteen has been kind enough to write young fans absent notes in the past. He had previously written one for a fourth-grader after a concert had gone longer than it should have. It simply said that he had to miss school because he was "out late rocking and rolling."

So, before the pair of Fenertys got to the meet-and-greet with Springsteen, they typed up a letter through Springsteen's point of view in hopes that he would sign it. As it turns out, Michael was one of the few younger fans there to see The Boss, so he stuck out. That helped him get noticed by the rock star.


Speaking of being a rock star, Springsteen did sign his absent letter. Though, when Michael turned in a copy of the letter to his principal, she did mention that she might need the original copy in order for it to count. Michael responded by saying, "I'll take my first detention."

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