Post Malone's Dad Rich Post's Reaction to Fans' Health Concerns Causes a Stir

Post Malone's father, Rich Post, has done all he can to help clear up rumors his son is abusing drugs, but it may have only stirred up more conversation. Rich took to Twitter to squash rumors that the rapper was been intoxicated during recent concerts as out-of-context clips of performances went viral. The moments in question saw Malone stumble on stage and scream during select songs, but it should be noted these are choreographed and planned moments in all of Malone's performances.

Rich shared a clip of Malone extremely coherent playing guitar and later explaining himself during a recent shows to ensure fans all was well. However, some onlookers and fans refused to believe Post's testimonial.

"If he's right, then good for him. But what if he's wrong about his son and I'm denial? Well, then hopefully he doesn't end up burying his son!" one Facebook user wrote.

"Stop trying to preserve your meal ticket," and second commenter wrote. "The kid was clearly under the affects of somthing.."

"As a mother it’s very concerning. I see some denial and also substance abuse whatever kind that may be," an third Facebook user wrote.

"People are just concerned for the mans sake," another fan wrote. "Acting goofy on stage as a well known artist. Of course it's going to concern people. Chill bro. We love him. Just checking up."

"For us fans who can't be at his concerts, a video of him falling and looking intoxicated alarms us," a Twitter user wrote. "My dad is an addict, and I almost lost him to drinking and I'm not going to lie it worried me. We can only go off a video of what we see and hope it's not true and hope he's ok."

Aside from that above user, most in Twitter discussion seemed to side with Post's account. They believed Malone was OK and tried their best to defend Post and his son from the hate they're receiving.

"both times i've seen post he's performed the same way. it's called putting on a SHOW," one Twitter user wrote. "He's feeling the music, he just slipped. Posty is fine."

"He gets on the ground at some point during I fall apart at every single show," another fan wrote. "he also rolls his eyes back and screams during Rockstar at e v e r y single show. people need to chill, starting stuff just for likes."

"I was having a good day until now. This (controversy) absolutely pisses me off," a third Twitter user wrote. "The man dedicates his whole self to EVERY show and leaves it all out there for the fans, and people have the nerve to start shit."


"I am so sorry that he even had to do this," a fourth Twitter user wrote. "I never doubted him. He is an amazing performer. God bless."

Photo Credit: / John Connor Coulston