'Little Women: LA' Star Terra Jole Talks 'Animosity' Stemming From Also Executive Producing the Show (Exclusive)


'Little Women: LA' Star Terra Jole Talks 'Animosity' Stemming From Also Executive Producing the Show (Exclusive)

Police Subdue Travis Scott Fans After Crowd Gets Violent Over Canceled Show

Police were forced to intervene on Monday night when a mob of Travis Scott fans nearly started a riot over a canceled concert.

Scott was scheduled to perform at the Bank of Oklahoma Center in Tulsa on Monday night. The rapper was forced to cancel at the last minute with little explanation. While he vowed to honor their tickets at a later date, some of the crowd outside did not see his announcement, and lashed out at the venue. Video published by The Blast shows Scott's fans chanting obscenities and even cracking a glass door outside the stadium.

The crowd lobbed insults and obscene gestures at the venue employees and police, who were just inside locking the doors. Video shows fans throwing themselves against the doors, one of which cracked and nearly broke. They also chanted "Let us in, b-," forming a circle for some to dance.

Finally, police eased the door open just enough to use pepper spray on the gathered crowd. They reportedly used pepper balls as well, hoping to scare the disappointed music fans off.

“Just a little bit by throwing stuff at the building and attempting to get into the building so we had to use pepper balls in order to assist the dispersment of the crowd,” Tulsa Police Department Sgt. Jeremy Noland told local outlet News on 6. "We want them to enjoy their concert and we want them to get here safely."

No injuries were reported after the incident, and it looks like no one was struck directly by either the fans or the police. No arrests were made, either. Still, many fans left feeling let down, and filled with resentment.

"It sucks driving all the way here but I'd do anything to see Travis Scott you know I love it music I love all of his stuff," a fan told the outlet.

Scott announced the cancellation less than hour before he was set to take the stage, after many fans had already been lined up for hours.

"Tulsa so sorry I can’t perform at tonight’s sold out show," he tweeted. "We had last minute production issues and I can’t give y’all an incomplete show. Rescheduled to March 26 all tix still valid. Everyone get home safe."


“So glad I stood in line for 2 1/2 hours in the freezing mist to get front row in GA for this," one fan responded wryly.

Scott will return to Tulsa, Oklahoma for a rescheduled show on March 26. Tickets will either be honored or refunded.