Singer-Songwriter Alex Weksler Shares the Relatable Journey of Her Debut EP

When you listen to singer-songwriter Alex Weksler, the first thing that will strike you is her unique voice. Possessing an almost ethereal quality, Weksler's voice glides easily to notes high and low, blending perfectly with her unique brand of acoustic pop-folk.

That sound is evident on the singer's new EP, Air, which Weksler recently discussed with

Air takes the listener through the journey of a relationship, from the initial meeting to the eventual end. Weksler explained that since she writes based on her own experiences, working on Air was a therapeutic project for her.

"Looking back on it, the whole EP kind of became like a musical scrapbook of that time of my life," she said. "It started off with 'That Night,' where everything's really upbeat, and you slowly watch the relationship kind of fall apart through the EP. "If you listen to 'That Night' compared to the last track, you see where the relationship was created and how it kind of just went downhill from there.

"That's another reason why songwriting is so therapeutic," she noted. "It brought it all out."

The singer added that she hopes her EP will resonate with others who have gone through a similar journey.

"I think the situation I went through is something that I know for sure all my friends have gone through," Weksler explained. "Because a bad breakup sucks, so I would want them to take away that everyone goes through something, but it makes you grow as a person."

Weksler is based in New York City and is still making a name for herself in the music industry, playing at various venues around town as she builds her fan base.

"It's the most rewarding for me when someone I don't know or doesn't know me hears
my song and is like, 'Wow, I really like that,' or, 'That really strikes a chord with me,'" she said. "So I think that's the most rewarding aspect of putting yourself out there."

Naming artists like Stevie Nicks, Sia and The 1975 as influences, and shared that she hopes to be able to connect with fans in the way that they have.

"If someone could listen to my song and it can help them with some facet of their lives, that would be really, really important to me, and I think that's a really important aspect of music altogether," she said.

Listen to Weksler's current single, "Gold," below.

Photo Credit: Karly Cronin - @karlyshoots