Jessica Simpson Shares Her 'Flu Blues' With Instagram Snap

Jessica Simpson took to Instagram after she, too, was bitten by the flu bug. The 37-year-old singer and designer shared a selfie on Friday revealing she had caught the flu after her kids struggled with it a week prior.

(Photo: Instagram / @jessicasimpson)

In the selfie, a makeup-free and turtleneck-clad Simpson looked glumly into the camera as she captioned the pic "Flu Blues" alongside an emoji with a thermometer hanging out of its mouth.

Despite being down and out with the flu, Simpson's followers praised her beauty, offering comments like "but ya still beautiful!" and "natural beauty!!"

"Always beautiful but Feel better soon," one follower wrote.

"Still a beauty," another said. "Feel better."

"So beautiful even without the glamour!!" one person commented.

"Feel better... but your hair is holding up beautifully!" one said.

It looks like the bug had made it through the family; on Feb. 1, Simpson shared a photo of her and husband Eric Johnson's 5-year-old daughter, Maxi Drew, cuddled up with Simpson and Johnson's 4-year-old son Ace Knute — both sick with the flu.

"Fevers and the flu, but still so cute," she added with a smiling halo-topped emoji.

A day after sharing her own flu selfie, Simpson posted a side-by-side photo of the selfie next to a photo of singer Ricky Martin, hilariously pointing out their similar facial features.

(Photo: Instagram / @jessicasimpson)

"Thank you for all the well wishes and compliments, and to @karihufnagel and @beekk_zs for pointing out my lookalike, @ricky_martin," she wrote, adding a laughing emoji and the hashtag #TWINNING.

The CDC reported at the beginning of the month that influenza had already claimed the lives of more than 50 children.

Acting CDC director Dr. Anne Schuchat said that this year's flu season is the worst since the 2009 Swine Flu pandemic. Her statement comes on the heels of new research from Canada that revealed that this year’s flu vaccine is 14% less effective than originally thought, meaning that it is just 20% effective against the dominant H3N2 strain.

“That means people who were vaccinated should not consider themselves invincible for this season,” said lead researcher Dr. Danuta Skowronski, an infectious diseases expert at the BC Center for Disease Control.

While some asked in Simpson's posts if she and her kids received the flu vaccine, she has not responded.

Most of the comments on Simpson's flu posts avoided controversy, which is fairly rare for the pop culture icon. Last week, she shared a pursed lips selfie that ignited a debate amongst some her followers who wrote that it looked like she'd had lip injections.

Some chimed in on what they thought looked like lip injections gone wrong, with one person even calling it a "serious issue."

"Her fake lips are hilarious," one person wrote.

"I think she’s got some dry crusty lips," another said.

"Ewwwwwwww," one person elegantly wrote.

Another went into detail, writing that Simpson's bottom lip is "damaged for life I'm sure."

Simpson hasn't responded to the criticism, and it's unlikely that she ever will.