'Friday the 13th': How to Stream the Slasher Movies

Friday the 13th comes around once or twice a year and is a perfect occasion to watch the slasher-horror franchise named for the unofficial holiday. For anyone wondering how to watch Friday the 13th today, you're in luck because there are a few streaming options available. The movies may be broadcasted on television as well, so check your local listings to find out.

Now, as for the original Friday the 13th films, the first eight films — as well as Jason X (2002) — are available to rent or buy from digital retailers such as Amazon and Apple. However, there are a few streaming elsewhere. Over on HBO Max, subscribers can watch Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday (1993) and Freddy vs. Jason (2003), as well as the 2009 remake of Friday the 13th. For diehard fans, the horror streaming service Shudder has a lengthy documentary on the film franchise, titled Crystal Lake Memories, named for the camp where the majority of the films take place.

The first Friday the 13th film was released in 1980. It went on to spawn nine sequels, as well as a mash-up film with Jason's fellow horror film icon Freddy Kruger — 2003s Freddy vs. Jason — and the remake in 2009. Since then, the franchise has had trouble getting back off the ground. A number of planned follow-up reboots failed to make it past the scripting stage, and a subsequent copyright lawsuit brought the series to a screeching halt.

Back in 2018, it was reported that Lebron James was going to be joining the Friday the 13th franchise as a producer of a planned reboot for the series. According to a Bloody Disgusting report at the time, James and his production company SpringHill Entertainment were said to be working with Vertigo Entertainment on a new launch for the iconic horror movie. There has been no new information regarding the future of the franchise since, but in 2020 We Got This Covered reported that a new Friday the 13th movie was "in the works."


Notably, in 2021, screenwriter Victor Miller — who wrote the first Friday the 13th movie — won a lawsuit appeal against the movie's director, Sean S. Cunningham, which confirmed that he was the sole rightful owner of the film's domestic rights. "Barring any reversal before a fuller panel at the 2nd Circuit or Supreme Court, Victor Miller will reclaim the domestic rights to the franchise," The Hollywood Reporter's Eriq Gardner explained at the time. "A big win for attorney Marc Toberoff as he heads into an even bigger fight against Disney over Marvel characters."