'Coming to America' Sequel With Eddie Murphy Casts Wesley Snipes

It's been announced that the Coming to America sequel with Eddie Murphy has added iconic actor Wesley Snipes to its cast. In the original film, Murphy played Prince Akeem, the spoiled prince of a fictional African nation named Zamunda. Akeem goes to America in search of a wife, and ends up getting a job at a fast food restaurant. The new film will reportedly follow Akeem as he returns once again, this time in search of his long lost son. Per The Hollywood Reporter, Snipes will play a new character named General Izzi, who is the ruler of a nation that neighbors Zamunda.

This is only the second time that Murphy and Snipes have worked together, as the pair recently worked on Dolemite is My Name, which is a biopic of comedian Rudy Ray Moore that will have its premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival in September.

Notably, both Dolemite is My Name and the Coming to America sequel are helmed by filmmaker Craig Brewer, who is most well-known for writing and directing Hustle & Flow.

In addition to Murphy and Snipes, Arsenio Hall will also be in the film, reprising his role as Akeem's best friend Semmi.

Back in April, PopCulture.com spoke with Hall about the upcoming film, alluding that the film would start shooting this year, but added how he could not officially confirm it.

"[Coming to America 2 is] going to happen probably before the end of this year because they got Craig on payroll and they've already hired Ruth, who's an Oscar winning wardrobe person," he said.

He then joked that in Hollywood "if they're not paying anybody it's going to be on the long road, but if they have salaries" then the film is likely on a "short track."

"I would guess August," Hall stated, later adding, "But that would be a guess. You would have to call Craig and Eddie to find out."

At the time, Hall also commented on the the status of the film's script, saying, "I've seen a second to the last draft, and I say that because I know the new director always wants to take a shot at doing a final draft for himself."


The film does not yet have an announced premiere date, but is expected to begin filming soon.

Photo Credit: Michael Tran / Getty Images


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