‘A Dark Place’ Star Luke Baines Talks Stepping Into a ‘Very Different’ Role in Suspense Drama


‘A Dark Place’ Star Luke Baines Talks Stepping Into a ‘Very Different’ Role in Suspense Drama

Oscars 2019: Lady Gaga Fans Flip After 'A Star Is Born' Actress Loses

Lady Gaga lost the Best Actress race during the 2019 Oscars, leading fans to express their rage on social media.

The singer and actress, who was nominated for her role as Ally Maine in A Star is Born, lost the nomination to Olivia Colman for her performance in The Favourite.

When the Bradley Cooper-helmed musical drama first premiered in theaters, fans were sure the coveted acting award would go to Gaga. The singer was also nominated for the Best Actress award for the 2019 Golden Globes and the Screen Actors Guild Awards, which she lost both to Close.

The 2019 Critics' Choice Awards category resulted in a tie, when the association chose both Close and Gaga as the winners for the prestigious award.

Fans of the singer took to social media to express their disapproval at Gaga's loss tonight.

Though she did not win the statuette for her acting role, Gaga still had a big night on Oscars Sunday as she took the stage alongside co-star Bradley Cooper to perform their hit song "Shallow" from the film.

Gaga also celebrated a big win during the awards ceremony when the song was awarded the big prize for Best Original Song, winning the big prize alongside song co-writers, Mark Ronson, Anthony Rossomando and Andrew Wyatt.


"I really loved that song when she had first played it for me and it was just finding out the best way to utilize in the movie," Cooper told MTV International of first hearing the song during production of the film, "and then the idea of maybe making it a duet instead, having it be the first time he hears her sing a song that she's written on the spot. So it really ended up being an anchor for the whole movie."

A Star is Born is now available for purchase on Blu-ray and Digital download.