Sarah Michelle Gellar Shocked to Find 'Cruel Intentions' Listed as a Family Movie

If you grew up the '90s, then you're likely familiar with Cruel Intentions, the classic teen film starring Sarah Michelle Gellar, Ryan Phillippe andReese Witherspoon. And if you're familiar with the movie, then you likely know it's not exactly appropriate viewing for all ages.

One of Gellar's fans spotted the flick in the family and kids section on Apple TV, posting the find on social media.

"See! It’s fun for the whole family!!" the fan had written. "F— Care Bears! Thank you Apple TV!!"

cruel intentions apple tv
(Photo: Instagram / @sarahmgellar)

Gellar used her repost to add her own views on the selection, which was sitting between Despicable Me 3 and My Little Pony: The Movie.

"It appears @appletv and I have different ideas on kids viewing," the actress wrote. "I guess you could say it’s educational...right?!?"

The coming-of-age film definitely has sexually-charged scenes that aren't suitable for younger eyes, something Gellar's fans joked about on social media.

"Well it was about a 'family' you know 'step brother and sister' lol yeah great movie not for my kids yet though," one wrote.

"Hahaha love that movie but don’t think I want my 12 year old son watching it right now," another cracked.

The 1999 film is now entertaining audiences as a musical adaptation Off-Broadway, and while Gellar doesn't appear in the show, attendees do hear her voice ahead of each production as she instructs them to turn off their cell phones.

“It’s not that difficult, morons,” the actress says, channeling her not-so-nice character Kathryn Merteuil. “Take out that second-rate phone and hit the silent button.”

“For all of your tourists out there who think it’ll be swell to take a photo or video of the show and bring it home to bum f— nowhere? Well, guess what — that’s not permitted either,” Gellar continues. “Please obey or I will cyber-shame you into oblivion.”

“Happy hunting,” she concludes, adding, “and enjoy the show!”

Photo Credit: Columbia Pictures