'Mad Max Fury Road' Director Suing Warner Bros

George Miller, the director of Mad Max: Fury Road, is suing the film's studio over millions of dollars in lost earnings.

While the film was a worldwide success both financially and critically, raking in nearly $400 million worldwide and garnering six Oscar awards, it ended up going over budget, and that caused Miller to lose out on a bonus.

The film is estimated to have cost around $200 to make, between production, distribution, and marketing costs. The production alone was more than $150 million.

According to Screen Rant, Miller has filed court documents asserting that it was Warner Bros. fault that the film went over budget, not his, and therefore he shouldn't be penalized by having his bonus withheld.

The film's journey from conception to reality was plagued with adversity and in the lawsuit filings Miller alleges that Warner Bros. "made a series of decisions" that led to the film exceeding the budget limit that was agreed upon.

Miller's argument, essentially, is that if the extra costs that Warner Bros. caused were subtracted from the final budget number then he and his production company would be shown to have come in under budget.

Additionally, Miller's production company claims that Warner Bros. was in breach of contract by not first coming to them with added budgetary needs and instead went to RatPac Entertainment for an estimated 12.5 percent of the budget.

In response to the suit and Miller's claims, a spokesperson for Warner Bros. said that they “disagree and will vigorously defend” against the lawsuit.