Woody Harrelson Was Robbed At Gunpoint After Booking Cheers

Woody Harrelson revealed a shocking story of being robbed at gunpoint after he first booked Cheers. While attending the Sundance Film Festival, the 55-year-old actor dished on the terrifying experience.

"I was 23 and I had just gotten the role on Cheers, but I hadn't started working yet," the Hunger Games star said. "But just having that in my pocket I was able to go and purchase this Porsche. So I've never in my life looked like I had money before, and I remember I was parking in a really not so great area down in Hollywood. And a guy came up robbed me, and put a gun to my head. So that was really an uncomfortable night."

Harrelson continued by saying that the encounter took a horrifying turn when the robber asked for his keys to the new Porsche that he had just purchased.

"He wanted to take the car, but he had told me to take the keys out of the ignition," Harrelson said. "And I had done that and then when he took the money and everything and there's other people in the car there and he's like 'Now give me the keys.' I'm like 'Oh, okay, I don't know where the keys are.'"

As he hastily searched for the keys to his new vehicle, Woody began to fear for his life.

"He's like I'm counting to five...one, two. And he got to four, and I said, 'I'm going to die now, this is weird.' And then someone we were waiting for stepped out of the door, and as soon as the guy saw the person coming out of the door he just ran off. So I don't know, he probably wouldn't have shot me. But when the gun is here and someone is counting, you don't know."

Check out the video of Woody Harrelson describing this harrowing story below:

What was your reaction to hearing this shocking story that Woody Harrelson told about being robbed at gunpoint after getting the role on Cheers?


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