Wildlife Expert Jeff Corwin Says There's Nothing More the Father of 2-Year-Old Attacked by Gator Could Have Done

Wildlife biologist Jeff Corwin talked to CBS news about the tragic alligator attack that took the life of a 2-year-old boy today.

Corwin helped shed light on the nature of the creature involved in the attack, as well as explain why there was nothing else the father could have done to save the child.

First, the wildlife expert explained that while the event is extraordinarily tragic, it's also not something that happens often at all.

"It's also a very rare event...Disney is one of the most secure places on the planet," Corwin said. "Alligators normally don't target human beings, we're not on the menu, we're not in the food chain for these animals."

As for the family's ability to anticipate the attack, Corwin said it would have been almost impossible unless they were a trained expert and knew exactly how and when to look for an alligator, especially at the time of the attack.

"When an alligator is in predatory mode, it's basically invisible to anyone else," Corwin said. "I've seen people on Twitter saying that the family did something wrong. They were at Disneyworld, the safest place on the planet, watching fireworks, tickling their toes in the water."

Corwin further defended the family, saying, "I think this father did everything he could. I think he went into that fight mode, he basically was going to do anything he could to try to save his child. But here's the thing, all alligators, even small ones, it's almost impossible to open their jaws...it's like a vice."


This story first appeared at Womanista by Tori Jochims