Watch A Highly Venomous Black-Banded Sea Snake Chows Down On Moray Eel

The ocean is a place of beauty, wonderment, and mystery that humans have been fascinated by for thousands upon thousands of years. It's also home to hundreds of species of terrifying animals that could easily kill any one of us but luckily, choose to engage in combat with one another. Take, for example, this video of a black-banded sea snake completely devouring a moray eel.

While watching this clip, you might be thinking, "Sure, this is cool, but I had no reason to fear sea snakes! After all, I am far larger than your average moray eel." While this might be true, one thing this clip doesn't mention that the potency of the sea snake's venom is ten times stronger than that of a king cobra snake.

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The video was captured by a SCUBA instructor Thailand's Phi Phi Islands and inspired a Bro Bible researcher to fall down a YouTube rabbit hole in search of more videos. The writer had a tough time finding more documented cases of this snake battling morays, which makes this encounter feel all the more impressive. After all, were there to be hundreds of results, one could assume that battles between sea snakes and moray eels were as commonplace as cats battling dogs, which is known to happen regularly.

However, the writer did find another video of note, which is another demonstration of the power of these creatures.

As you could imagine, Wikipedia has plenty more information on the terrifying creatures, just in case you needed more reasons to be fearful of the ocean. Luckily, a crucial component of sea snakes is that "sea" is in their name, so the best way to avoid running into one of these creatures is to just stay out of their way. It's their ocean, not ours.

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[H/T Bro Bible/YouTube, diveking72]