This Pitbull Adorably Shows Guilt For Eating Owner's Shoe

This hilarious video shows a pitbull cowering in guilt after his owner presented the chewed-up insole of his shoe.

Standing by the pitbull's side is an adorable long-coated Dachshund. The owner, Daniel Martino, is trying to decipher which of his two dogs chewed his sole: the dachsund or the pitbull. Upon interrogating the pups, the pitbull cracks under the pressure and turns away in shame. Martino is from the city of Tortuguitas in Buenos Aires and posted the cute footage for all of us to enjoy.

"Who was it? Who did this to my insole? Which one of you two was it?" Martino asks as the two dogs look like mischievous children being reprimanded by a parent.

Martino then throws the insole on the floor, and the pitbull cracks and tries to hide his face behind a plant. However, the Dachsund sits firm and stares Daniel down in a display of defiance.

"Mister, you over there, did you do this, I am talking to you, look at me," Daniel says to the pitbull. While Martino was all but certain that the pitbull was the culprit, the long-coated Dachsund wasn't entirely off the hook.

"You're an accomplice in all this," Martino states as the video ends.

The video has received nearly 4 million views and these adorable pups have become overnight internet sensations.


Check out the pitbull's hilarious reaction above in the video that everyone is talking about.

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