This Horrifying Ski Mask Transforms You Into Davy Jones

Sometimes you just want to keep your face warm during those cold, windy winter days. Sometimes you want to do it while representing your favorite horror creature. One company has created the perfect winter accessory for doing both. It's a Cthulhu-esq knitted ski mask.

Though officially called a "Unisex Barbarian Knit Octopus Beanie Balaclavas," it's clear that this mask is inspired by everyone's favorite deep sea horror. Or at least it's themed after everyone's favorite Pirates of Caribbean villain Davy Jones. Either way, this ski mask is bound to keep any face warm during the upcoming winter months.

cthulhu masks
(Photo: Amazon)

This balaclavas – or garment that covers the face and neck- is for sale on Amazon, via Amurleopard, or on the creator, Free Fisher's website. The best part? It's an inexpensive way to keep warm while sharing the horror of Cthulhu with others.

The masks come in a great collection of colors: Grey and black for the casual fan who needs the mask to match any winter coat. Green for the casual Davey Jones cosplayer. Even red for anyone who wants to let out their inner Dr. Zoidberg.

If the Cthulhu mask is a little much for you, there are also ski masks in other options, such as a "Unisex Knit Stubble Beard," a "Roman Knight," and a "Barbarian Vagabond." There are options for the entire family, even if you don't want a knitted tentacle beard on your face this winter.


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