The Internet Thinks This Secret Service Agent Wore Fake Hands To Protect Donald Trump

Internet users noticed something particularly strange from the pictures from Donald Trump's Inauguration Day. As the former Apprentice star and his wife, Melania Trump, walked down Pennsylvania Avenue on Friday, a Secret Service agent appears to be using prosthetic arms.

Many on social media have speculated that the special agent wore fake hands in order to keep his real hands on the trigger of a gun hidden beneath his coat.

Check out the photos here.

The theory first arose after Internet users analyzed the video footage of President Trump, Melania, and their son Barron walking down Pennsylvania Ave. The billionaire real estate mogul and his family were surrounded by bodyguards wearing trenchcoats, but there was one agent that stood out from the rest.

A bald-headed man standing directly behind Donald and Melania Trump, seemingly held his hands in the same position for a curiously long time. His eyes are constantly scanning the crowd for potential threats, but his arms and hands remain perfectly still.

An anonymous writer from the gaming blog Frag Hero was one of the first to discuss the issue. "After yesterday's presidential inauguration, many members of the military and law enforcement community noticed something very unusual about one of Trump's bodyguards. The conclusion they reached was that he indeed have tactical fake arms (sic)."

Despite this writer's claims, a writer from Task and Purpose website said the theory was false.

A former military man and writer for Task and Purpose, Adam Linehan, gave this observation about the agent when he got out of a car. "The bodyguard, in the background of the image, exits one of the vehicles in the motorcade, and adjusts his tie and coat the way a man - a human with functional arms - does whenever he's about to appear in public."

The theory was debunked after another video surfaced showing the agent moving his arms and using his hands, according to Daily Mail.

Do you think this Secret Service agent was actually wearing fake hands to protect Donald Trump?


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