The Art of Massage: How to Give a Sensual Massage

You don’t need to be a licensed massage therapist to give your man a sensual massage. Human touch is highly underrated. You might have heard of “the power of touch” — a concept that has been researched over and over again. Touch is essentially a way of communication – a language – that we often forget about or don’t realize we’re using. When you apply touch to your relationship, you’re able to develop an entirely new realm of connection. Pick up some oils and give yourself about 15 to 20 minutes.

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It might take some convincing on your part to get your man to stop what he’s doing and relax. If this is the case, talk it up. Make it a request: “Just try it for me.” Ask him to trust you and let you have control. Before you start working in the massage oils, tap into his muscles by pointing and flexing his feet, stretching his glutes with a crossover stretch, loosen the tension in his shoulders with arm openers and relax his head with gentle neck turns and a scalp massage.

Start from the top. Once he’s a bit more melted into the bed or couch, get a game plan. Working from the head to toe usually works well. The scalp and facial muscles hold a lot more tension than you realize. Press lightly with your fingertips as you move them in circles. Work your way down to the face, use only two fingers to gently rub and stretch the temples. His jaw is going to be tight, so follow the parameter of his face with those same two fingers. Continue along the jawline and finish by pressing your thumbs on the outside of his nose, then pull the skin out to the side to massage the sinuses. You can do this part by sitting above his head or straddling over his chest. Feel free to throw in some kisses!

Over the heart. As you get to his chest, you’ll want to switch the fingertips out for full hand and palm contact. Gently squeeze the traps, right underneath the neck. Use your palms to apply pressure to the chest muscles. If your guy is ticklish, just use pressure without motion. Ticklish feelings are often a sign of anxiety and tension. Researchers actually found that it’s a defense mechanism to avoid submission. But in this case, your man needs to submit!

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Hands to hips. Rock his hips side to side by pressing the palms down on the hips. This will help open his “sexual energy.” Before you get to anything sexual, skip down to his feet. Gently press into the side of his arches with your thumb, quickly moving up and down the arch line one tiny press at a time. Stretch and pull at his toes. If you have a warm, steamy towel, you can wrap this around his feet. Having generous blood flow through the entire body will promote the sensuality.


At this point, you can take it to the next level or slow things down by returning to the scalp. You can leave the room and let him absorb this moment you created for him. It's amazing what a dedicated 15 to 20 minutes can do!

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