Ten-Year-Old Thomas Moore Grew out His Hair Just to Donate It

Thomas Moore in an exceptional ten year old. Instead of keeping his hair short and out of his way while he goofed around like other boys his age, he grew it out for a good cause. After two years of growing, Thomas donated his locks to help kids with cancer.

After watching a Facebook video with his mother, Thomas asked why that boy didn't have any hair. His mother explained that the video was actually about a girl who had cancer, and that she didn't have any hair because cancer treatments can make a person's hair fall out.

The idea of someone not having the hair they want didn't sit well with Thomas, so he decided to help in the best way he could as a ten-year-old. He decided to grow out his hair to donate so girls, like the one in the video, could have a wig.

The girl in the video was Kyssi Andrews, who has since passed away, but her legacy still lives on through a foundation to help raise money for cancer research. It was with this foundation that Thomas was able to donate enough of his hair to make three wigs – and it only took him two years.

Many African-American cancer patients have a hard time finding a wig that has hair like their own. One of the problems is that a lot of the hair is lost when it is donated, sometimes as much as 30 percent. More than ninety percent of Thomas' hair was saved for the wigs.


Thomas isn't done either. He said that after fifth grade, he plans to grow his hair out again, knowing that it will be difficult, but very much worth it.

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