Shooting Leaves Two Dead At Kentucky Football Game

An annual Thanksgiving Day football game at a local park in Louisville, Kentucky, was attacked today by gunman. According to police, two people were killed and four were wounded during the shooting. The event, called the Juice Bowl, is a family event that has never seen such violence before.

Shawnee Park is always filled with local families to celebrate the holiday with a bit of football before the big holiday feasts. However, this year, around 2 pm, shots were fired into the crowd. One attendee, Stephen Washburn was recording a Facebook Live video of the events as the shooting happened. He did not catch the shooters on video.

kentucky shooting
(Photo: Facebook / Dustin Alton Strupp)

There were about 19 shots fired, according to Washburn's video. Four people were shot and quickly taken to the local hospitals and their conditions are said to be non-life threatening. Two people, however, were killed in the shooting.

"This is the first time ever (that) shots were fired," said Donna Grimes, whose grandfather helped start the Juice Bowl nearly 50 years ago. "It doesn't make any sense."

Dwight Mitchell of the Louisville Metro Police said that the city has had more than 100 homicides over the last year – 106 to be exact. This is only slightly lower than the all-time high of 110 homicides in one year. To condemn this violence, the Mayor took to social media.

"To have people with guns so disrespect life, Shawnee Park, and neighborhood tradition is sad and has no place in our city," Mayor Greg Fischer said, who was at the event when the shooting happened.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone who was affected by this horrible crime.


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