Rob Schneider Tweets To Civil Rights Icon How To Earn Civil Rights On MLK Day

The star of films such as Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo, Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo, and multiple Adam Sandler films, Rob Schneider, clearly has a diverse background. In addition to starring in all of these films, the Saturday Night Live star also knows a thing or two about civil rights. He knows so much, in fact, that he took to Twitter to give a free lesson to representative John Lewis.

Lewis is currently a representative from Georgia, has been a vocal opponent of president-elect Donald Trump, and marched alongside Martin Luther King, Jr. in the 1963 March on Washington, one of the biggest political rallies for human rights in the history of the United States.

However, it's possible that in the decades Lewis has been a champion of civil rights that he's forgotten how to accomplish them, so it was thoughtful of the Home Alone 2 star to give him some friendly advice on how to succeed in what he's devoted most of his life to doing.

The politician has yet to weigh in on Schneider's advice, as he's been busy most of the day tweeting tributes to Martin Luther King, Jr.

We can only assume that once Lewis stops honoring his friend and mentor, he will give Schneider some advice how to make a sequel to The Hot Chick or funny ways to say, "You can do eeet!"

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