Rob Kardashian Apologizes To Kylie Jenner For Leaking Cell Phone On Twitter

After he recently lashed out against his sister Kylie Jenner on social media, Rob Kardashian is now trying to make peace with his family.

Only days ago, the reality star took to Twitter to share his frustrations regarding a Kardashian family baby shower. When he was under the impression that his pregnant fiance Blac Chyna was not invited to the event, Rob sought revenge. He then tweeted out his younger sister Kylie's cell phone number to his millions of followers, so she would be forced to go through the hassle of having her number changed and deal with hardcore fans trying to contact her.

(Photo: Twitter / Instagram, Kylie Jenner)

On Friday, Rob explained during an interview with On Air With Ryan Seacrest: "It was miscommunication on my end. I thought they weren't having Chyna at our baby shower. Chyna's baby shower is actually this Sunday, but they were trying to do a little surprise 'guy' baby shower for me and I was just upset trying to fight for Chyna like, 'Yo, she has to be at the baby shower. She's birthing my child. She needs to be there.' It was literally miscommunication and I probably shouldn't have went on Twitter, but I did."

Rob was also willing to admit that he made a poor decision when using social media to get revenge and vent his frustrations. "I kind of took all my anger out on Kylie and my family," he said. "It wasn't just Kylie, it was my whole family. I went in on them on group text. And I was just being petty and posted [Kylie's] number. I was like, 'Yo, it's not that serious. We change our numbers all the time."

E News has reported that Kylie did indeed change her cell phone number. However, she has not given her digits to Rob at this point. This doesn't necessarily mean that there will be more beef between the two in the future, but we aren't ruling out the possibility.


Do you think Kylie should give her cell phone number to Rob even though he just tweeted it out a few days ago?

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