'Property Brothers' Star Jonathan Scott Speaks out Against Cyber Bullying

Property Brothers star Jonathan Scott wants to put an end to the hate he sees on his social media pages.

The 38-year-old HGTV star shared a video to his social media accounts on Sunday and sent a message to those "incessantly cyber bullying" and asks for it to stop.

The video was created in response to the hate Scott received after sending a supportive message to those who participated in Saturday's Women's March on Washington.

He started his message by saying, "Think back to when you were a child and your parents taught you that if you don't have something nice to say, don't say it at all. I have no idea what happened to that."

He then spoke about his incredible fans that share insightful comments and stories but mentioned the cruel people that write on his posts. His pages are "not the place" for hate.

"There's a big difference between having a different opinion and always trying to pick a fight," he said. "My social media is a place for all of us to inspire each other and build each other up, and there's no need to try to tear us apart and always attack other fans."

Scott went on to address the hate he received from his previous post. "And I'll be honest — if it offends you when I post saying I believe in human rights or I believe in equality or even just simple human kindness, then I think you need to take a good look in the mirror and find your source of unhappiness," he said.

He shared how inspired he was from strangers coming "together all over the world to express their peaceful passions for justice."

"I just believe that any achievement for equality here in America is a victory for human rights around the world," he finished.

Originally posted on Womanista.com.


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