Prepare To Scream As An 8-Foot-Long Snake Gets Pulled From A Toilet

This video proves that nightmares do come true!

An unsuspecting resident at an apartment building in South Africa was in for a horrifying surprise that will make your skin crawl. A video shared on the Internet shows a snake handler attempting to remove a gigantic 8-foot venomous cobra from the resident's toilet bowl!

The terrifying clip was posted on YouTube by Anton Meijer. The footage shows snake wrangler Barry Greenshields using a catch pole in an attempt to lift the front end of the enormous snouted cobra out of the toilet bowl at the Glenletta Courts apartment block in the Lynnwood Glen area of Pretoria.

The handler grappled with the humongous snake for several minutes. While moving deliberately and slowly, the handler attempted to pull the snake into a cannister placed on the ground. Amazingly, the snake never seemed to be angered by the ordeal and attack the handler, but still was too stubborn to subject itself to being captured.

Despite the snake handler's best efforts, the cold-blooded creature was able to maintain its grip on something in the toilet and escape down the drain.

The residents of the building have not been able to find the snake, and it hasn't reemerged since the video was taken last week. They fear it could be in the building's pipes somewhere still.

"We have put cameras in the pipes to look for it. Residents are still worried and some of them are feeling like if it comes up they want to kill it, which is something I don't want. I hope he has left through the pipes," Greenshields said while chatting with News24.

The shocking video was shared on YouTube with the caption: "A giant Snouted Cobra is on the loose in our block of flats. The snake handler tried to remove the 2.5m long snake from a toilet, but it got agitated and fought back. The handler eventually lost his grip on the snake, and he got back into the sewerage pipe. We still have no idea where the snake is hiding."

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How would you react if you found an 8-foot cobra in your toilet?


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