Pokemon Go Players Came Across A Couple Doing The Naughty


During a night-time Pokémon Go hunt on the Blackheath Common, three siblings made a disturbing discovery...a couple appearing to have sex right on the lawn.

Around 11 pm on Saturday, August 20, 24-year-old Laura Dua, her brother Lewis Overell (20), and sister Libby Munday (14) were playing the popular app when they came across the startling sight. The trio noticed a man wearing a silver shirt and blue underwear lying on top of a woman that appeared to be stark naked. Lauren recalled that the duo carried on with their "business" with complete disregard to the gathering crowd around them.

Lauren said, "We were just walking across Blackheath Common when my brother said 'is that woman naked over there?' and I thought he was joking but then my sister said the same thing."

She continued: "So I went over to have a look and could not believe that they were right and by that point a few people had gathered around still playing Pokemon and they were putting on quite a show. The couple really did not seem to be bothered at all that everyone was stood around watching them."

Lauren shared photos of the bizarre scene on her snapchat and the images received more than 2,500 shares before being deleted for being too raunchy.

As you can imagine, Lauren and her siblings were completely thrown off guard by the incident. "I couldn't believe it was real life - I only went out to catch a Charmander - so it was a pretty weird night in the end." She continued, "They could have found a bush or something to cover up because it is a built-up area and there were plenty of people about. We often go out at that time around there for a Pokemon hunt but I've never seen anything like that before."

The Metropolitan Police are investigating the incident.


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