Playboy Model Belen Rodriguez Puts Tongue In 3-Year-Old's Mouth, Internet Loses It

The connection between a mother and her son is an incredibly close one, which is something former Playboy model Belen Rodriguez knows quite well. In fact, according to a recent video the model posted to Instagram, some would say her connection is a little too close and shouldn't have ventured into "sticking tongues into mouths" levels of affection.

Ti uccido!!!!!!!!! Piccolo nano!!!!!

A video posted by María Belén Rodriguez (@belenrodriguezreal) on

The clip looks like it takes place in a restaurant and the toddler has some whipped cream on his face, along with Belen having some on her face. She grabs his cheeks and he puckers up for a kiss, only for her to stick her tongue out and put it in the boy's mouth.

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Although this was clearly intended as a playful and affectionate moment between a mother and her son, some of the model's followers were disgusted and outraged by the gesture, deeming it erotic and inappropriate.

One user commented to the model, "You just have to feel ashamed!" while another claimed a tongue is "never an affectionate gesture, but erotic."

Rodriguez has more than five million followers and some of them came to the model's defense.

One user commented, "I do the same with my daughter and I don't see that is perverted," with another agreeing, "He seems like a happy and sweet child. I don't understand what you see here that is not right!"

Do you think the mom crossed a line or was she just goofing around with her son? Let us know in the comments!


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