Piers Morgan Weighs In On Meryl Streep’s Donald Trump Bash

Piers Morgan has officially weighed in on the Meryl Streep and Donald Trump feud. The 51-year-old journalist clearly disagreed with Streep when the Florence Foster Jenkins actress used her acceptance speech to blast the President-elect.

Over the course of Morgan's op-ed on Streep's acceptance speech, he called her out on a slew of subjects that were clearly hypocritical actions on her part. However, the Mail online editor-in-chief felt there was one aspect of Streep's speech that was the most disheartening.

"My overriding disappointment though is that she missed a massive opportunity to do something really constructive, Morgan wrote. "How much more effective would it have been had the most powerful woman in Hollywood called for unity not division, demanded a stop to all the teeth-gnashing and wailing over the election result, and urged Donald Trump in his inauguration speech to preach tolerance, fairness and equality?"

When Streep said without the foreign filmmakers there will be nothing to watch but NFL and MMA, Morgan felt that she ostracized millions of Americans.

"But the reality is that she's also enraged tens of millions of Americans who voted for and like Donald Trump, not to mention those who love their football and MMA. And she's simply re-confirmed to them what Mark Wahlberg said a few weeks ago when he urged actors not to talk about politics: 'A lot of Hollywood is living in a bubble. They're pretty out of touch with the common person, with the everyday guy out there providing for their family.'"

While Morgan was critical of Meryl Streep, he also criticized President-elect Donald Trump for calling the actress "over-rated."

"Let's make one thing clear before I continue: I love Meryl Streep," Morgan wrote. "She's the greatest actress in history (and not, as Trump disingenuously tweeted today, 'one of the most overrated in Hollywood'!). She's also, and I speak from personal experience, a delightful woman - incredibly smart, warm, funny and decent."

Check out Piers Morgan's full statement here.

Piers Morgan isn't the only celebrity to weigh in on the feud. Check out what Oscar-winning director Ron Howard said here, and what UFC president Dana White had to say here.

Read Donald Trump's original tweets here.


What are your thoughts about Piers Morgan's statements regarding the Meryl Streep and Donald Trump feud?

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