Pacers Center Kevin Seraphin Lies In Massive Bed Of Snakes

Lying in a bed full of giant snakes would be an absolute nightmare for most. However, for NBA center Kevin Seraphin, it was one of his dreams come true to lounge around while being covered by the enormous, slithering creatures.

Seraphin recently agreed to a $3.6 million deal with the Indiana Pacers, and chose to celebrate his contract with these massive reptilian friends. On September 7, the 26-year-old baller tweeted the video with the caption: "For how much would you do this ??? I did it for free @prehistoricinc #retweet #reptile #dream."

According to the man filming the video, Seraphin was lying there with over 150 feet of snakes. That's 150 more feet than most of us would ever want to encounter.

Earlier in August of this year, Seraphin tried convincing his Twitter followers that snakes weren't so bad. He tweeted: "Most of You guys don't even know why y'all scared of snakes...Movie?? Bad Experiences ?? Snakes are so cool! #KsLife."

While he was with the Washington Wizards three years ago, Seraphin had a scary situation when his pet snake, "Snakey," when it escaped. As far as we know the snake is still roaming the streets of D.C. terrifying everyone it encounters.

Would you lie in a bed full of snakes like Indiana Pacers center Kevin Seraphin did in this video?

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