Oregon Woman Talks Of Demons After Killing 12-Year-Old Son

38-year-old Amy Robertson has been charged with aggravated murder for her 12-year-old son Caden Berry and her neighbors alleged some strange information. According to one neighbor, while speaking with KOIN, she exited her home swinging her arms wildly while saying something about demons.

When she exited her house Saturday afternoon, neighbor Brenda King reported, "I realized I didn't see [Caden], so I said, 'Where's your son?' She said, 'In the house under the blanket,' " when speaking to local station KGW.

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King then entered the apartment to check up on the boy, recalling the experience to KOIN. "There was a recliner tipped over and he was halfway on it under a blanket," she said. "I pulled the blanket back and I could tell he was gone."

Of the discovery, she said, "I tried to wake him up, and he wouldn't wake up. So I ran out and yelled to call an ambulance."

Robertson replied to her by saying, "I told you not to move the blanket."

The discovery deeply disturbed her, as King reported, "I can't even sleep because he was so young and so little."

No motive for the murder has been released, but a close friend of Caden said he noticed a change in his attitude earlier in the week. The friend explained, "He was, like, always happy and he was never really, like, sad. Until yesterday. He looked really sad and he was, like, a really close friend."

According to police, Robertson cooperated with investigators in her apprehension for the murder. An autopsy has yet to reveal the cause of death for the 7th grade victim.

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