New Wes Anderson Directed Commercial For H&M Glorifies What We Love About The Director

Filmmaker Wes Anderson lent his talents to H&M for a Holiday commercial, and the results completely captured everything that moviegoers have come to love about the director.

Anderson is known for his quirky yet charming movies such as Rushmore, Fantastic Mr. Fox, and The Grand Budapest Hotel. The 47-year-old director brought his signature style to this short film for the clothing retailer.

In the almost 4-minute long clip, The Pianist actor Adrien Brody portrays the railroad conductor of the H&M Lines Winter Express. Unfortunately, Brody has to inform the passengers that the train will not be making it to its destination on time due to unexpected delays, and will cause everyone aboard to miss Christmas.

Little did the passengers know, Brody had some ideas that were going to turn the disappointing situation into a happy memory. Conductor Ralph invites all the guests to a brunch complete with festive decorations and "chocolate-flavored hot beverage with whipped topping."

The only thing that doesn't quite match Anderson's iconic aesthetic is the passengers' wardrobes, which are obviously trendy H&M outfits.

Other Wes Anderson classics include Moonrise Kingdom, The Royal Tenenbaums, and Bottle Rocket.

Check out Wes Anderson's heartwarming H&M commercial above.


What do you think about Wes Anderson's short film for H&M?

[H/T YouTube: H&M]