New George Jung Details Surface About His Recent Jailing

All-new details have surfaced regarding George Jung's jailing. The notorious criminal, who was the inspiration behind the Johnny Depp film Blow, is facing further jail time after violating parole back in December.

According to his probation officer, the 74-year-old is a lifetime criminal and needs to be kept behind bars. However, Jung's defense team feels otherwise, according to TMZ.

Jung's attorneys have filed new documents in court that are requesting an extremely light sentence after the former drug dealer's latest parole incident. In the court documents, the defense team explained that they took issue with the probation officer's testimony, in which the officer said that Jung is an alcoholic, habitual liar, and there is "no viable vocational or educational treatment programs" that could make him change his ways.

Despite the probation officer's opinions, Jung's lawyers believe that he is no threat to society and that his image has been tarnished because of the Johnny Depp movie.

As you might imagine, Jung wants the restrictions to be lessened as well. George is requesting that the judge remove the ban on alcohol and allow him to travel without being required to check in with his probation officer.

After Jung was arrested for violating parole, he spoke out saying that his manager was to blame for the incident.

Back in December, Jung reportedly took a trip away from home to San Diego in order to make some money for appearing at a speaking engagement. Prior to leaving his home, Jung wasn't able to get in touch with his parole officer request permission from the authorities for his planned travel arrangements. Jung says that his manager insisted that everything would be fine given that the event would only be a 4-hour work trip, even though the parole officer didn't know about the occasion.

The manager was clearly incorrect in his assumption as Jung was arrested Tuesday shortly after arriving back home in Sacramento.

George was released from jail in 2014 after serving a 20-year sentence for running cocaine, according to jail records. Because of his past record, Jung will not be eligible for bail, and remains in the Sacramento County jail until his next court date.

Do you think George Jung should be forced to stay in prison?

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