Netflix Launches Video Previews

Netflix has unveiled an all-new feature that will allow subscribers to check out previews of the shows and movies while browsing the streaming service's vast catalog.

The streaming provider will allow subscribers to instantly preview 30-second to 90-second clips of shows. The new feature is supposed to give audiences the chance to make a quicker decision about what to watch instead of seeing a small image and a brief synopsis about the program.

Chris Jaffe, Netflix's vice president of product innovation said, "What we are trying to do is live within your attention budget and find you something great to watch in that budget."

"You're used to turning on TV and things being loud and happening," Jaffe said. "It's a different thing on your laptop and mobile. We're evaluating those (experiences) right now, we're going through the design exercises on mobile. We'll probably have different considerations."

Stephen Garcia, the director of product innovation at Netflix also weighed in on the new previews feature.

"[Traditional] trailers can sometimes build anticipation for something without telling you much of a story," Garcia says. "They're teasers. Cloverfield did that really well. Blair Witch did that really well. So the purposes can be different."

Garcia said, "people take 90 seconds in order to make a decision about what to watch. So we try to help them find something to watch in less than 90 seconds to make sure they can enjoy their experience."

It's worth noting that the upgrade will not be available to all Netflix users at once. According to Fast Company, Sony PlayStation, Xbox One and S, and Roku platforms will all receive the upgrade upon the feature's launch date.

In addition to the video previews feature, Netflix recently announced an excited tool that will allow subscribers to download content for offline viewing.

Another huge part of Netflix's future is how much the company plans to spend on original content like Stranger Things, Orange is The New Black, and House of Cards. Learn more here.

Check out the video announcement for Netflix's new preview feature.

Do you think video previews are a much-needed new feature for Netflix?

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