How Do Your Masturbation Habits Stack up to Everyone Else’s?

Of all the bizarre ‘holidays’ out there, we’ve found one we can get behind: National Masturbation Month. The entire month of May is dedicated to it, because one day for ‘O’ time just isn’t enough.

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Before you hit the bed to celebrate, aren’t you curious how your happy habits stack up to other adults? A new survey by Lovehoney, one of the world’s biggest global sex toy retailers, logged the responses of more than 4,500 people to reveal what’s most popular when it comes to flicking and tugging.

How often do you touch yourself?

If you’re an active self-loving lady, no need to blush! 51 percent of females said they masturbate regularly, even when in a relationship. Fifty-nine percent of males admitted to the same.

But if you or your SO think touching yourself means you aren’t sexually satisfied in your relationship, get a load of this: 34 percent of women and 20 percent of men say masturbation actually enhances their sex life with a partner!

“Masturbation is good for you – it cheers most of us up and it can enhance the sex you enjoy in a relationship,” says Richard Longhurst, Lovehoney co-owner. “There are also lots of health benefits such as the relief of stress.”

Though they may tout the same grand finale, sex and masturbation may be more different than alike. You can’t tell your partner what feels best without discovering it yourself. And until you have a deep connection and understanding of your own body, it’s difficult to open up to a partner in a similar way. This may be why more sex toys are leaning toward crystals and natural materials and marketing the tools’ healing properties over sexual fulfillment.

Once you have that down, then you can explore new heights with your guy. Master girl-on-top, perhaps?

What’s on your mind?

Are you a visual [read: porn] lover, get turned on by erotic reads or fantasize about being tied up Fifty Shades-style? You aren’t alone, but surprisingly, those aren’t the top thoughts during masturbation.

The survey found the number one fantasy during self-pleasure is the same for both women and men, and it involves their current partner. Sixty percent of women and 69 percent of men admit they often have sex with their lover on the brain while touching themselves; see, more good news for committed couples!

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Relish in it while you can, because the runner-up is a fantasy that involves an ex. Fifty-eight percent of men and 48 percent women admit that they sometimes think of a former partner to get in the mood for an all-me orgasm! Though this sounds bad, it may just be a way of keeping things fresh and happy with your real-life relationship.

“Fantasies allow monogamous couples to get all the pleasure of ‘new’ sex without the pain of broken hearts and relationship,” says Tracey Cox, international sex and relationships expert.


“Most people have the odd struggle balancing the pros of monogamy (history, soul mate connection, love, comfort, kids, support) with the cons (having to say no to temptation because just because you’re in love doesn’t mean you don’t find others attractive),” Cox says. “A rich fantasy life can offer the solution to keeping everyone happy.”

Speaking of keeping happy, other popular fantasies include viewing/reading erotica and thoughts involving BDSM and role play.